CES2013: 5 Awesome Gadgets to Look Forward To

Techies normally welcome the New Year with great anticipation since the Consumer Electronics Show, also known as CES is right around the corner. Awesome gadgets that were showcased during this year’s exhibition left geeks drooling at the wake of the show. Tech companies used the show to give the public a preview on the shape of things to come. The technology introduced during the shows exceeded all expectations. With all the technology debuting on the CES floor, these five gadgets gained the majority of ooohhhss and ahhhsss from the spectators.

nVidia’s Project Shield

The world’s top graphics processing unit manufacturer nVidia unveiled its newest toy during the CES 2013. The Project Shield is the newest handheld gaming console running on Android and powered by the company’s latest mobile chip. The Tegra 4 which promised better performance and power consumption compared to its predecessor, opened a new era of mobile gaming to rival set-top gaming consoles. nVidia’s foray into the gaming console market is aimed to wrest some market share away from traditional powerhouses Sony and Nintendo.

Kingston’s new 1 terrabyte flash drive

When you thought a 32-gigabyte flash drive is already awesome, wait until you hear what Kingston has been cooking. Say hello to a flash drive that can store 1 terrabytes of data! Gone are the days that USB flash drives are denominated by the gigabyte. The new Kingston offering ushers a new era in mobile mass storage capacity.

Panasonic’s 4K tablet

At the time when smartphones are sporting 1080p displays, Panasonic made a run to show a 20-inch tablet that has an ultra-full high definition screen, or 4k resolution. The new tablet now opens the flood gates for tech companies to usher better resolution screens, far better than the HDTV that you have in your living room. This innovation will change how people would want to view their Internet in the future.

Huawei’s six-inch phablet

Samsung holds the crown for the phablet (phone-tablet combo) space. Chinese phone maker Huawei is staking claim to the throne with its six-inch phablet. If you think it is weird to use a tablet as your phone; that will change soon as more manufacturers get on the phablet bandwagon (yes that includes you Apple).

Vizio’sTegra 4-powered tablet

Which technology makes a second mention in this list? Why it’s no surprise—itsTegra 4! nVidia’s early bird principle will give it an edge to adopters that can’t wait for the octo-core Exynos 5 or the launch of more Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processors that are also lightning-quick and less power hungry. The introduction of the Tegra 4-powered tablet will revolutionize how mobile computing is being done not only in 2013 but beyond.

Other devices that are worth mentioning are the new chips from Qualcomm and the Samsung 95-inch 4K TV with a quad-core processor. Truly, technology will shape how we live our digital lives in the future. The technologies announced at the CES prove that technology is in constant flux and expect only exciting times ahead.

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